This is Betsy McPherson a lady who is not only a constant source of inspiration to me, but a constant friend, truth teller and drinking buddy. Hell- who am I kidding? We family ❤️

Betsy starts a sentence "today I bought..." And I know the end of that sentence is "a plant", she has turned her tiny apartment into a garden somehow and it is the most calming and beautiful space. 

Betsy photographs light and people and moments in a way that is emotional: she is a storyteller. And better at her craft than she knows. 

Her spirituality is tangible- it's not any religion that you can find in a book, she believes in the earth, in people and love 💗

One time I was feeling down and she made me donuts from scratch without any cinnamon on them (because I hate it- I know, I know, but I do) it was a little thing to her, but it meant the world to me because it shows her character- she is willing to forgo something she likes for the joy of her friends. 

Betsy brings me so much joy.

You can find  Betsy on Instgram here or on her website.

Photography by Kelley Raye of